Comparison of several methods of hair removal

Hair removal cream

Also called hair cream, this is too irritating to the skin, and it has to wait until it is applied. It is more troublesome and it has only been used two or three times. Its not recommended.

2. Hair removal wax paper

Wei Ting Veet depilatory wax paper

Advantages: Stick to the skin like a dog skin plaster. After quickly pressing it off with a hot press, you can tear off a lot of hair, and then you will leave a little wax on the skin. The box will send the waxed paper, which is very convenient. It can also be trimmed to the required size. Suitable for people with soft hair.

Disadvantages: If the hair is not clean, it will leave a lot of broken roots. And it’s a waste. I have a lot of monsters, and I have to use five or six boxes each time. The price is not high!

Suitable for skin position: body and face

3. Pull the face

It is the legend that I used a line and flour or baby powder to wring off the hair on my face. I have not tried it, but I used to see a friend who did it before. She often did it. Later, when the pores became bigger, I didn’t dare to do it.

Suitable for skin position: face

4. Hot wax hair removal

This is to go to the benefit eyebrows, I bought a set of DIY at home. The solid beeswax is placed in a heating furnace, heated and then applied to the place where the hair removal is required. After the cooling is hardened, the wax is removed and the hair is torn off together.

Maintenance time: 7 days or so

Advantages: How much area can be used without damaging the skin.

Disadvantages: There will be beeswax everywhere, and there will be accidental burns. No depilatory wax paper is convenient, but the same hair removal is not particularly clean. So I still feel that this method requires the professional operation.

Suitable for skin position: body and face

5. Bleaching agent

The following two models have been used, and the effect is the same. The boots are more convenient, both are a paste, very well mixed; Sally Hansen is a powder paste, it is difficult to mix evenly.

Maintenance time: 20 days or so

Advantages: This is a chemical paste that fades the hair. Because the face is often made to remove pores, it is easy to become coarse, so you can use a bleaching agent. The longer the bleaching agent is on the skin, the lighter the color. And this can discolor the eyebrows after the hair is dyed, the eyebrows can be discolored and close to the hair color.

Disadvantages: Spicy eyes, smoked nose! If the beard is long, and after the float is like a white beard, I still drift over the arm hair, because the hair is very long and golden, so it is more suitable for people who are not very heavy.

Suitable for skin position: face

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