Introduction of several household hair removal instruments

The Dutch brand is the best-selling hair removal machine with a wide range of models, for body, face and bikini heads.

As the most important component of home color IPL, lumea’s filter quality is very good, do not worry about the leakage of near-ultraviolet light waves, so lumea is the safest in color IPL. Precision accessories are equipped with an additional integrated optical filter designed for safe and convenient use of the upper lip, chin, and horns. It can also be used in other sensitive areas such as underarms, bikinis and other hard-to-reach areas. So it is safe to use lumea to remove the facial hair.

The disadvantage is that the energy is low and can only temporarily delay hair growth. This official also admitted that it is necessary to “regularly irradiate and maintain smooth skin.” Note that the Lumea SC1981-85 has a very poor wavelength and is not recommended. The new model has a better wavelength and the best parameters are 2004-2009. The price of the new BR1861 has actually dropped. Later, when it was checked, the wavelength was also lowered, and the safety was also reduced. Now the official website has deleted all the energy data, and the feeling of goodness has dropped. The sc200x series price discount activities are still quite expensive, once again confirming the truth of a penny and a share of goods, as a color light, lumea expensive is expensive in the filter quality, safety is the best in the color light.

Silk’n various colors

Silk’n is an Israeli brand. The main products are Flash&GO LUXX and Sensepil PRO. There is no difference in appearance, number of times and lamp area. The parameters of Silk’n color light are very bad, the wavelength is too short, and the energy is low. There are a lot of people who use it, there are more medical data, and there is FDA approval. It will not cause any big problems.

Silk’n’s new infinity, full color, but still too low wave 475nm, “microcurrent” technology, in fact, with illuminated touch / ME smooth “RF current” is a meaning, so that light energy is transmitted to deeper pores, equivalent to longer wavelengths, from the technical parameters level, Silken infinity is even worse than iluminage touch / MEsmooth.

The spectral distribution of SensEpil is shown to be 10.17% of the light energy below 500 nm. A lot of energy is absorbed by the epidermis, which may cause skin adverse reactions, especially those with darker skin to avoid. Or fear of causing side effects, the highest energy is set below 5J/cm2, low energy, can only temporarily delay hair growth. IPLs similar to Silk’n parameters include Veet Infini’Silk, BaByliss’s old models, Pandora, Philips Lumea SC1981-85, etc., with a wavelength range as low as 475 nm, which is not recommended.

Some studies have found that SensEpil’s energy space is unevenly distributed due to the asymmetry of the flash unit. Over-treatment of “hot spots” may cause pain, blisters, crusting or pigmentation, and cause premature hair regeneration.

(1) 20 women, 3 treatments (every 2 weeks), the number of hairs decreased by 44% after 6 months of discontinuation. 25% of users have a short red dot.

(2) 10 cases, skin color 1-3, 4-6 treatments, 10% reduction in hair count after 3 months of discontinuation.

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